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Short excerpt from the history of the Loge

The ninth of December 1779, almost 230 years ago, is seen as the day our Loge was founded. It is a pity that the official constitutional document from the Grand Loge ROYAL YORK is gone missing and even through thorough investigation could not be found. But we found this date in an old record book and on a speaker’s badge- so we accept this date as our founding date.

With reasons only speculative for us today, the loge left the Grand Loge of Prussia and joined the Dutch Grand Loge instead. The letter of constitution from 22nd August 1793 decorates our Loge today. This trip across the border only lasted six years. The demand from London, that a loge belonging to a Grand Loge cannot cross borders, was used by the Grand Loge Royal York. Emmerich lay definitive within the Prussian area. How the Emmerich Loge ( and a nearby loge in Kleve) managed to be constituted by the Dutch can only be speculated as a good will and missing knowledge of the exact border line between the two countries.

Since then the loge with the name PAX INIMICA MALIS "Peace is the enemy of all bad" was active through good and bad times until its forced closure in 1935.

Historically the year 1800 was very impressive. For two years the Generalmajor von Bluecher lived in Emmerich. He joined the Loge and also introduced a few new brothers. At his departure he made a gift to the new loge house consisting of two chandeliers, two tables and an oil portrait of himself. This painting now hangs in the Emmerich museum as a loan.

In the time of National socialist reign Emmerich was treated as all other loges. The last Master of the Chair had to dissolve the loge. The Loge house was “rented” to the NSDAP as a Hitler- Youth hostel, until the town "bought" it and destroyed it because of structural failures. With the money of the sale the administrative costs had to be paid.

The personnel small loge did not find together after the war. Only in 1969 three brothers from the old loge before the war and nine brothers from the Duisburg loge "Zur Deutschen Burg" found each other to reinstate the Emmerich Loge of PAX INIMICA MALIS and give it new life. Finally on 25th May 1970 the brotherhood of the Freemasons in Emmerich was founded again.

Today the loge, as oldest club in Emmerich, is permanent guest in the house of the "Societaet".

Good will and grand gesture allowed the loge to build up the historic cellar rooms (previous town gate) to posess their own Temple.